Hire A Business Attorney When You Launch A Small Business With A Family Member

If you have a good relationship with a family member, such as a brother- or sister-in-law, a cousin, or even a sibling, you might often enjoy talking about business ideas with him or her. There may come a time when you decide to turn your talk into a business venture, and decide to launch it together. This is an exciting time, especially if you believe that your idea is a good one that will prove to be lucrative.

What Happens If You're In An Accident While Taking An Uber Or Lyft?

Ride sharing, heavily popularized by Uber and Lyft, has transformed the way that people get around. It may also be contributing to an increase in the number of accidents out there on the roads. If you use a ride sharing service, there are some important things you should know in the event of an accident. What The Statistics Say According to a recent study, ride sharing services have led to around $10 billion in losses due to fatal accidents.

Thinking Of Divorce? Future Factors To Consider

When people think about divorce, they often focus on the details that may have led them to this point. In other words, the past. However, before deciding on divorce, it's imperative you at least take a glimpse at your future. A divorce today can have a dramatic impact on your future. Here are some of the areas you need to think about now.  Education If the marriage produced children, you should think about how you will fund your child's education.

Will You Get More Money Out Of Litigation Or Arbitration?

There are different avenues through which you can seek compensation in case of a business dispute. Arbitration and litigation are two of the most commonly used options. However, as with anything to do with business, it's important to consider the costs associated with exploring either of these options. The decision of whether to pursue arbitration or litigation isn't just about the cost but also the potential benefits. Those involved have to consider which of these options offers the most benefits to them.

3 Ways That Children Can Become Pawns In The Divorce Process

During divorce proceedings and in the months ahead, it's ideal if you, your ex-spouse, and your children can develop some sort of normalcy. This is especially important for the children. While many families are able to achieve this goal, it's not always possible — and, in some cases, you and your ex-spouse may use your children as pawns in a convoluted game that is in no one's best interest. You may slip into the habit of using your children as pawns, but as soon as you realize that you've done so, it's important for you to curb this behavior.