Thinking Of Divorce? Future Factors To Consider

When people think about divorce, they often focus on the details that may have led them to this point. In other words, the past. However, before deciding on divorce, it's imperative you at least take a glimpse at your future. A divorce today can have a dramatic impact on your future. Here are some of the areas you need to think about now. 


If the marriage produced children, you should think about how you will fund your child's education. If you don't have an agreement in place as part of the child custody or child support agreement, your spouse may be under no obligation to assist with the cost. As a result, everything will be your responsibility. Ensure your child's future education needs are addressed in the settlement. If your child still goes to a childcare center and you pay for care, have this cost included in the agreement as well. 


Before you decide that you want to receive the marital home as part of the settlement, make sure you know what you're signing up for. After the divorce, the mortgage is only the start of your obligation. You will also need to maintain the insurance and pay for any necessary maintenance. Don't unnecessarily put yourself in a crunch. Work the numbers to see if it's financially wise to keep the home. In the long run, it might be wiser for you to sell the house and move into something else. 


If you are covered under your spouse's insurance plan now, remember that the coverage will go away shortly after the divorce is finalized, if not immediately. Start searching for and pricing insurance plans now to ensure you don't experience a lapse in coverage and to find coverage that fits your health care and budget needs. If you have children, they should be able to remain on the other parent's insurance after the divorce. 


Debts incurred during a marriage may or may not be split down the middle. For example, consider a person that added their spouse as an authorized user on a credit card. Also, assume their spouse charged $5,000 on the card. Unless the person can prove that their spouse agreed to pay the balance, they may be left to pay off the card after the divorce without any assistance from the other person. Review your finances and terminate any authorized user cards to avoid future debt.  

A divorce attorney will go over all these factors and much more to ensure you not only understand what's ahead but, most importantly, that you're protected. Partner with an attorney who will guide you through this major life change.