What Could Proposed Changes To Florida's Alimony Laws Mean For You?

If you and your spouse have been dealing with turbulence in your marriage for some time, you may feel a divorce is the only remaining option that will allow you both to pursue happiness. For those living (and divorcing) in the state of Florida, this can often mean an alimony award to the lower-earning spouse for a period of time after the divorce has been finalized. However, potential changes to the way alimony is awarded could impact your case if you file after the new law takes effect.

Issues You Should Be Aware Of If You File For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

One of the downfalls of filing for bankruptcy is it can be expensive, and this is one reason many people file for bankruptcy without an attorney. While this can save you money on legal fees, you will still have to pay bankruptcy filing fees to get the ball rolling. If you decide to go through with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your own, you should be aware of the problems you may face.

Can You Get Social Security Disability If You're Allergic To Wi-Fi?

Wireless Internet is a ubiquitous part of life, present in almost every home, office, and coffee shop in America. As strange as it may sound, however, some people have a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity that makes them allergic to Wi-Fi signals. Since these signals are so prevalent in society, electromagnetic hypersensitivity can be debilitating to those affected by it. Those who are unable to work because of this allergy may wonder if it's possible to qualify for Social Security Disability.

Why Is It Harder To Win A Slip And Fall Case If The Accident Occurred Outside Rather Than Inside?

Each year, approximately 1 million people visit emergency rooms or hospitals for injuries that occur from slips and falls. Slips and falls can occur in many ways, and they can happen inside or outside. If you recently slipped and fell outdoors, you may wonder if you can sue the owner of the parking lot where this happened. You should realize there are differences with indoor and outdoor slips and falls, and it can be slightly harder to win an outdoor slip and fall case compared to an indoor one.

Expunging And Sealing Your Record

Having a criminal record can make things difficult. It may make it hard for you to find employment or housing, as these places often times require that you disclose whether or not you have a record. However, after a certain amount of time you may be able to get your record expunged. This can help make things a bit easier. You might be wondering what having your record expunged is and if you are eligible for expungement.