3 Signs You Need A Lawyer To Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are a relatively commonplace violation, and most people probably don't view them as much more than an inconvenience. If you're a habitual speeder, you might even think of those flashing lights behind your car as an added cost of driving on public streets. While everyone should endeavor to keep the speed limit, the reality is that few drivers follow this advice.

However, a speeding violation can be more severe than you might expect. Even if you typically pay the fine and move on, there are a few indications that a ticket might require some closer attention. If any of these three warning signs apply to your case, you should talk to a lawyer before putting in a plea and paying your fine.

1. You Can't Afford the Ticket

Most areas don't impose massive fines for speeding violations, but some exceptions exist. Additional violations like reckless driving or running a red light can drastically increase your ticket's cost and potential consequences. These added costs might make paying the ticket a significant financial burden that can impact your life.

The cost to hire an attorney for a traffic violation can vary, but simple cases may be relatively affordable. At a minimum, you should consider contacting an attorney for a consultation. You can use this consultation to discuss their fees, how they can help you, and the likely outcome of your case. This information will help you make an informed decision about whether hiring an attorney can benefit you.

2. You Aren't Guilty

Claiming that you didn't do it is a common joke about criminals in movies and TV shows, but speeding violations can often appear under suspicious circumstances. The officer who pulled you over may have had improperly calibrated equipment, or you may have been driving in traffic and were confused by another car. More serious violations, such as reckless driving, require even more evidence.

If you're confident that you aren't guilty, you shouldn't accept the consequences of your ticket. An attorney can help you collect evidence and defend yourself in court, helping you avoid the violation's fine and long-term costs such as increased insurance premiums. Everyone eventually makes mistakes, but you shouldn't waste time and money paying for something you didn't do.

3. You Can't Afford the Points

Many US states use a points system to track driving violations. Adding points to your license can have serious consequences, ranging from mandatory driving classes to license suspension. Your license may already be close to these thresholds if you have previous violations. Having too many points can also impact your insurance premiums.

While paying for a lawyer may sometimes not make sense to avoid a relatively low fine, an attorney's fees are often much lower than the potential costs of allowing your license to accumulate too many points. An attorney can help you avoid a guilty plea or reduce your penalty, minimizing the impact on your driving record. 

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