How A Private Investigator Offers Surveillance Services

Do you want to hire a private investigator to provide surveillance services on a particular person so that you can figure out what they are up to? If so, you are likely wondering what kind of steps are involved to provide you with the information you are seeking. Here is an overview of the process that a private investigator may use.  

Gather Background Information

Some work needs to be done to gather background information on the person they will be following, which is where you will come into play by sharing as much information as possible. This includes things like sharing where they live and work, what locations they visit frequently, and any routines that they do. This will give the private investigator a good idea of what a person's day may look like and when it starts to deviate from the norm. 

Plan The Surveillance Procedure

The private investigator will then need to come up with a plan on how they will follow the person around to gather more information. This includes figuring out the method of transportation, since they may need to use a car or take public transportation to follow someone that takes a train or a bus. If the investigator is driving, they will find spots where they can park and not be seen. The investigator will also determine the type of equipment that they will need, such as cameras with telescopic lenses to capture images from far away.

Conduct And Report The Surveillance

With a plan in place, the investigator can conduct the actual surveillance. They will take very detailed notes of everything that they are able to observe, and then use that information to provide you with a detailed report. The documentation of the surveillance is crucial in case you ever need to use the finding in a legal proceeding

It's also important that the investigator knows all of the local laws for what they can and cannot do when following someone. For example, it may be legal to take photographs of someone, but it would be against the law to record audio of the person without their consent. With that in mind, an investigator would still be allowed to listen to conversations they overhear and take notes so that they can report back later about what was said. 

Now that you know the basics of how surveillance services work, reach out to a private investigator for more information about how they can help your specific needs. 

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