A Dog Attack: Who Is Responsible And What Influences A Case?

Strict state laws determine who is responsible for a dog bite that resulted in an injury. A dog bite lawyer who represents a victim will determine if a pet owner, a caretaker, or a harborer should be held liable for the attack. The person who is at fault may ultimately be ordered to compensate the victim for their medical expenses.

The Liability

A pet owner may be found at fault if an attack took place on the defendant's property. A pet owner may also be responsible for an attack that took place after their dog escaped the confines of the pet owner's property.

Dog sitters and dog groomers may be held responsible for an attack that takes place when they are caring for a pet. A caretaker who renders services is in control of a dog during the time that they are monitoring the animal.

An extended stay at a hotel or an apartment complex may feature public settings that could trigger a dog attack. If a setting contains common areas that pet owners and pets have access to, the business owner could be found guilty for the behavior that a dog demonstrated. Common areas include parking lots, lawns, patios, and other indoor or outdoor spaces where both pet owners and pets spend time.

In order for a business owner to be charged, an attorney will need to prove that the owner was aware of the dog's presence. The attorney will also need to demonstrate beyond doubt that safety precautions were not taken that could have prevented an injury.

Each dog bite case is unique. The exact circumstances that led to a dog biting a victim will reflect upon the outcome of a case. 

The Injury

Lacerations, abrasions, cuts, and scrapes are some injuries that may occur during a dog attack. The physical location of an injury can influence how much compensation a victim receives. A dog bite lawyer will discuss the severity of an injury with their client. They may use statewide statistics when providing their client with a rough estimate of how much money the victim may be compensated with.

An attorney will consider a client's age, height, and health status. The size and breed of a dog will also be reviewed. The details surrounding a victim's injury will be presented during a pretrial conference. If a victim was unable to defend themselves, based upon their age, physical characteristics, and size, the dog bite lawyer may seek a high compensation amount from the guilty party.

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