Words Matter: What Not To Say After An Auto Accident

When another driver caused you to be hurt in an auto accident, you are probably entitled to compensation. However, the things you say after an accident could reduce your money damages. Read on and find out things you should never say after a car accident and why.

You Caused the Accident 

You may be convinced that you were at fault for the accident. However, keep that to yourself. You are doing yourself no favors by admitting anything at this time. The accident will be investigated by law enforcement and an accident report will be prepared. However, the accident report is not admissible in court.

Being involved in something as traumatic as an accident can cause distortions in your perception of things. Only tell the officer what you are sure about for now. Witnesses, video, and the other driver's statements are yet to be taken and the cause may only be known after an investigation.

You Are Fine

You are probably grateful that you are able to get out of the car and stand up on your own. However, never say that you are fine at an accident scene. That is not for you to decide. Get evaluated by medical personnel and doctors to determine your status. Many accident injuries don't show up until later and you could be creating doubt about your medical expenses by claiming that you are fine at the accident scene.

You Are Sorry

You may very well feel sorry that the accident happened or sorry that the other driver was hurt. However, saying these words could be misinterpreted by others overhearing you. Keep your thoughts about the accident to yourself. Apologizing to others won't help them or you.

You Have Injuries

You can talk about your injuries to medical personnel and your personal injury lawyer only. Never speak about your injuries to anyone else, especially the other driver's insurer. You are not a medical expert, and you could misspeak and diagnose yourself incorrectly.

You Can Be Recorded

Never speak to the other insurance adjuster, regardless of what they say to you. They can be very convincing, even making you think that you must speak to them or face legal action. You do not have to talk to the other side for any reason. They have access to the same information that you do — the accident report. What you say in a recorded interview could ruin your chances of compensation.

You Are Ready to Settle 

Unless you have a personal injury lawyer to help you, never agree to a settlement. You may not realize how much money you are owed without speaking first to a lawyer. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Contact a vehicle accident lawyer today.