Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident: Car Accident Attorney Advice

An average of 6 million vehicle accidents occur in the United States each year, and some of these accidents result from negligence, bad weather, or driving unroadworthy vehicles. People sustain permanent injuries from car accidents, and unfortunately, some die. A car accident is a traumatic experience; you deserve compensation if you are a victim of this terrible event. When involved in a car accident, seek the services of a car accident lawyer immediately after it happens to ensure you do not fall into any pitfall that may jeopardize your compensation. That ensures you follow every legal regulation regarding car accidents to facilitate the police's work when they arrive at the scene. Here are some of the mistakes car accident attorneys advise against after a car accident if you want to guarantee your compensation.

1. Failing to consult a car accident attorney

If you are the victim of a car accident, auto accident lawyer services are indispensable. After a car accident, you may incur high costs in medical treatment and loss of income as you stay at home or in hospital while recuperating from your injuries. A personal injury lawyer helps you file a claim for compensation for your medical expenses. Additionally, your lawyer negotiates with your insurance company to ensure you get compensation for your car repair or replacement expenses. 

2. Leaving the accident scene

Leaving the accident scene after a car accident before the police and emergency services arrive is a mistake. Even when you are not at fault, it is prudent to wait for the authorities to come, as leaving may make you appear guilty. In most states, the law requires all people involved in a car accident to stay at the scene. So by leaving, you risk criminal charges since the act is against the law. Additionally, if you leave the scene, you miss the chance of giving your account of what happened, leaving you at a disadvantage if the case proceeds to litigation.

3. Neglecting to gather evidence at the scene

Any personal injury attorney will tell you that evidence is the most vital component in a car accident case. When claiming compensation for car accident injuries, you must have proof of the damages resulting from the accident. So, if possible, take pictures of your injuries, the damages to your car, road defects such as potholes, and road signs or any landmarks indicating the location of the accident. Pictures and videos help your car accident lawyer put together what happened in the scene, making them able to represent you better during negotiations or in court.  


Car accidents are unprecedented and often have catastrophic aftermath, especially for the victims. When involved in one, always call your car accident attorney first to get their opinion of the situation before taking any further action. These attorneys are conversant with the law and will guide you to ensure you get the justice you deserve in compensation and repairs.