Is My Loved One Entitled To Compensation For Paraquat Exposure?

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, this might be the result of exposure to paraquat. This is a chemical that can be found in several weed killers. Due to how dangerous paraquat is, this is a product that is restricted in use to only those who are licensed applicators.

How Paraquat Exposure Occurs

Paraquat exposure most often occurs through ingestion. If this substance ends up on a food item, it might then be consumed and cause the individual ingesting it to develop Parkinson's disease. However, it is also possible to be exposed to it when it comes in contact with the individual's skin.

Farmers are the most likely to suffer from Parkinson's Disease as a result of this condition as they come in contact with the herbicide and might accidentally ingest it. Because these workers are exposed to the weed killer to such an extent, they are able to suffer the long-term effects due to constant exposure.

The Effects of Paraquat Ingestion

The ingestion of paraquat can lead to immediate health effects as well. Those who ingest this substance will often experience pain and swelling in the mouth and throat. It can lead to severe gastrointestinal issues and can also lead to heart, kidney, or liver failure. The lungs can also be scarred by paraquat.

How to Make a Legal Case

To seek compensation for injuries caused by paraquat, you will need to find out what caused your loved one to become exposed. Then, you will need to determine if the individual or company who exposed your loved one to paraquat was negligent. You may also be able to sue the company that manufactured the product under strict product liability rules.

When your loved one develops a condition such as Parkinson's disease, you will need to determine if they came into contact with or used the herbicide, lived near a farm where the herbicide is used, or worked at a company that used paraquat.

Seek Maximum Compensation

The impact of paraquat on the body is devastating and can have long-term health implications. Long-term care can be very expensive. For this reason, it's very important to make sure that your loved one receives the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. This is done by proving that each party is responsible for the accident and for calculating all of the damages that your loved one has suffered before negotiating a settlement.

Call a personal injury attorney to learn about how to file a lawsuit.