Why You Should Consider Using An Attorney Recruiter

Whether you have just graduated from law school and have passed the Bar exam and are ready for your first legal position, or you have been a lawyer for years and are looking for a new law firm to work for, working with an attorney recruiter can be a good idea.

Law firms work with attorney recruiters to find the best candidates for the positions they have open. Many senior partners don't have the time to search through several applications, hold interviews, and then perhaps not find the right candidates for the job. Hiring a recruiter helps to narrow down applicants that are closer to what they are looking for. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a local attorney recruiter.

They Know How To Evaluate You

One of the first things an attorney recruiter will do when you work with them is to evaluate your skillsets, interests, and experiences to find you the best opportunity among the ones they see every day. You might be interested in criminal law and would like to pursue that avenue, or perhaps corporate law is what you have experience in, an attorney recruiter knows how to evaluate your skillset and whether or not you would fit into a particular law firm's needs.

A recruiter can also help you apply for a position and then work with you through the interview process. Recruiters tend to have a longstanding relationship with multiple law firms, so they can ensure that you only apply for jobs you are qualified for.

They Can Promote You To Law Firms

An attorney recruiter can promote you to the law firms they work with if they feel you are the right fit for the job. They can highlight your best traits, skills, experience, and qualifications and explain why you are the best fit for their firm.

It is possible that a recruiter might be able to gain interest from multiple law firms on your behalf by promoting you for several positions to give you the opportunity to see what the best fit for your career aspirations is. They can help guide you to ensure you find a position that best showcases your skills and talents.

Help You Get Into Major Law Firms

While you may have worked in a smaller law firm before, trying to get into a major firm can be a difficult undertaking. There are likely many applicants trying for only a few spaces that are available, and they may not come up often, which can create a situation where a lot of people are vying for very few jobs. You certainly can attempt to apply to these firms on your own, but it can be hard to get into a major firm without some help.

An attorney recruiter can help get your resume to the right people within the law firm and explain why they need to speak with you about a position. When a major law firm uses a recruiter, they know that any candidates they bring to them are already vetted and are capable of handling the work ahead of them. This means they are more likely to give you an interview than if you applied on your own.