Think You're Getting off Easy for a First-Time Dui Offense? Think Again

Most people assume that first-time offenders get off easy when it comes to sentencing. In some cases, first-timers do get a break. The problem is that when the punishment for a certain offense like driving under the influence (DUI) is in play, even the minimum sentencing guidelines are extremely strict. Instead of thinking that you don't need a lawyer because you are a first-time DUI offender, read the below information about what could happen to even first-timers.


Even though the jails are crowded already, they always have room for one more DUI offender. Depending on the state, some first-time offenders may have to spend more than just a few nights behind bars. You may have had a taste of what incarceration is all about after your arrest before you were bailed out. Consider what that night multiplied by months could be like.

Lose Your Right to Drive

One of the most common punishments for DUI offenders who are convicted is the loss of their drivers' license. The law tends to care less about your need to go to work, school, or the grocery store than the need to make the streets safe for others. If your DUI lawyer is able, you might be issued a restricted license but that is far from guaranteed.

Fees, Fines, and More

Being convicted of DUI can mean being asked to pay a bewildering assortment of court costs, legal fees, and other fees. For example, you might hope to be sentenced to house arrest and probation rather than jail time. What you may not be prepared for is that you must pay for things like an ankle monitor. Other common charges have to do with getting a restricted license, fees connected to ignition interlock devices, class fees, substance abuse counseling fees, victim restitution, and so much more. In fact, first-time offenders are often offered alternative sentencing that keeps them out of jail but that ends up costing them a great deal of money anyway.

Insurance Rates and More

Auto insurers have ways of finding out about DUI convictions and your coverage may be canceled or your premium may rise in price. Costs that may take some time to be obvious include losing your job, being denied a rental or a mortgage, and negative marks on credit reports when you cannot pay all you owe due to the DUI.

Don't let things get that far. DUI charges can be fought and won. Contact law services like Price Law Firm, P.A about your case. Even first-timers need legal help to avoid DUI punishment so talk to a lawyer today.