So What Do You Do If You're In An Accident Right At Curfew Time?

Just in time for the end of the coronavirus stay-at-home orders comes a wave of curfews in cities and states across the nation. These would normally be mere inconveniences -- you have to get home earlier -- but if you get into an accident as curfew time draws near, you'll need to make a few changes to how you handle the immediate aftermath.

Gather Information as Fast as You Can

Accidents are upsetting and can really throw you off. However, you'll need to get your wits about you as fast as you can and gather insurance and driver information as fast as you can. This isn't the time to argue at the accident site about what happened. Get the information, and agree to talk over the phone once the two of you are safe at home. Your goal is to get what you need for your insurance company and then get home.

If you do end up with an undrivable car, try to call a rideshare car or taxi as fast as you can, or ask if the tow truck driver can at least get you to their shop, where you can stay inside until you can arrange for a ride home.

Be as Calm and Discreet as You Can

This is not the time to argue, be loud, or make a big show. You and the other parties involved should try to avoid attracting more attention than you already have. That's easier said than done when dealing with a big accident, but for more minor accidents, do your best. One would hope any passing police would realize you'd been in an accident and haven't been able to get home, but it's best not to tempt fate.

Make Phone Calls at Home

You may have to call for an ambulance at the accident scene, and you may have to call a tow truck. However, any phone calls you have to make that aren't emergency, such as to your insurance company, should be done after you're at home, or at least when you're inside somewhere such as a repair shop. Don't hang out on the street just to call your agent.

Because the surrounding circumstances are so unusual, it's possible that you and the other party will be in such a rush that you forget some information as you try to finish gathering all the information you need. If something happens later, such as finding out you are more injured than you thought and that your insurance isn't paying out as it should, speak with a car accident attorney about loose ends you'd need to tie up before filing any sort of lawsuit.

You'll need to proceed carefully with any case during this time even if the evidence is clearly in your favor; you don't want the other party claiming you have no case because you forgot to get some information at the scene or because you were rushing due to the curfew and therefore carry some fault. Your lawyer can help you defend against these potential claims.

To learn more, contact a car accident lawyer.