An Uncontested Divorce Attorney Can Help A Marriage When Both Partners Have Lost Intimacy

Marriages are a complex balance between love, respect, and intimacy. When these elements decrease or become less intense, it can be hard for many marriages to survive. For example, many people may find that a mutual lack of intimacy — in spite of love and respect — between each other can make it necessary to get an uncontested divorce. Doing so could give both partners a better chance of happiness.

Lack of Intimacy Can Destroy Marriages

Physical intimacy between partners helps to connect them in ways that other factors — such as similar interests — may not. And for some married couples, that sexual spark remains a reality long into their marriage, which helps to make them even more in love. Unfortunately, many more people end up losing some or even all of that intimacy and struggle to stay connected as a couple.

That said, many couples may find that their mutual love and respect for each other helps to hold them together without intimacy. "Best friend" marriages can be very rewarding for these people and provide a lifetime of happiness. Unfortunately, those who need sexual intimacy may find that an uncontested divorce is the best choice if both partners no longer have or want that connection.

Why an Uncontested Divorce Is Best

When both partners in a marriage have lost their desire for intimacy and want a divorce, going the uncontested route is the best choice. That's because it will help streamline the situation and make it easier for them to find other partners. There's nothing wrong with moving on after a divorce by trying to find romance.

Critically, an uncontested divorce is also usually faster and less expensive than contested ones. That's because both partners agree on their respective terms, allowing them to move on more quickly. Just as importantly, an uncontested divorce minimizes emotional troubles by ensuring that everybody is happy with the way that the divorce progresses.

And while an uncontested divorce is a great option for those in this situation, it is important to remember that a lawyer is still necessary. A great uncontested divorce lawyer can provide guidance through this process, including splitting up property properly, finishing all of the paperwork in the divorce, and taking any other steps necessary for managing this situation with grace, honor, and integrity. 

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