The Purpose And Main Elements Of A Parenting Plan In Divorce

Getting divorced when you have children often requires creating something called a parenting plan. This plan basically outlines the details of how both parents will handle issues related to the kids that they share, and it is usually a necessary part of a divorce when the couple has children together. If you need to create a parenting plan for your divorce, here are the main elements you should include in the plan as well as the purpose of the plan.

The purpose of a parenting plan

A married couple with kids will likely have to share the responsibility of raising the kids if they are both parents of them. To help parents do this, states often require that parents create an agreement that basically outlines the details of the arrangement. If parents cannot come up with a plan they both agree upon, the court will create the final plan for them.

When you have a parenting plan after a divorce, it should eliminate or reduce arguments about the responsibilities you each have. It should help you both do your part in parenting, and it is an agreement that is legally binding, which means you are both required to follow it.  

The main elements to include

Every parenting plan is unique; however, most plans contain the following elements:

  • Custody arrangement – The plan should state where the kids will primarily live, and which parent is responsible for providing them a place to live.
  • Visitation – It should also state details about visitation for the parent the children do not live with. If you want to avoid problems, make sure the visitation details are thoroughly stated, including times and dates.
  • Expenses – Not only will one parent likely have to pay child support to the other parent, but there may be other expenses the agreement outlines. For example, if your kids are teenagers, you may have a line in the agreement that states who will pay their car insurance and cellphone bills.
  • Education – You could also include details about educational activities with the kids, such as extracurricular activities, college, and rides to and from practices and games.

You should include any details that seem important to discuss and arrange, and your lawyer can help you come up with all the options you should consider including.

Having a clear, detailed parenting plan is vital in a divorce with kids as it will help clear up confusion and help you both prevent problems related to issues that relate to your children. For help creating this plan, talk to Kenneth J. Molnar: child custody attorney today.