Divorce Court Survival Tips

If you and your spouse simply could not come to an agreement about some of the more contentious issues, you may be headed for divorce court. It can be very difficult to agree on things like child custody, property and debt divisions and more. You should be well-prepared for this important event by reading and following the below tips.

1. Before you become too weary of the fight and vow to let a judge handle your problems, try mediation. This form of hashing out differences outside of court can not only save you money and time but is far less stressful and illogical than allowing a virtual stranger to decide about personal issues. Even if you have already begun court, medication can be used to do a deep dive into your issues and resolve them in a healthy manner.

2. Your divorce attorney has been there for you up to now and will continue to serve as a means of support. Every divorce case is different, but you should have a good idea of what you are facing when you appear in court each day. Expect your attorney to brief you about the expected events of the day and to help you be prepared for any part you might play.

3. The way you handle yourself in front of the judge can influence the outcome of the case. This is true for criminal cases, civil cases, divorce cases and every other type of case. You are being judged along with the divorce issues, so take care to behave yourself. Here is a quick list of things to do and not to do:

  • Don't make faces, including eye rolls or shaking your head during court. It shows immaturity and a lack of respect for the court.
  • Do address the judge properly, such as "your honor" or "judge."
  • Don't speak unless given permission and never approach the bench or stand without being called.
  • Do dress appropriately for a day in court, meaning nice, clean and pressed appropriate clothing.

4. The courtroom is not a good place for your children; even the older ones. Arrange for care for them and protect them from the adult situation that divorce really is. This might be a good time, also, to consider how your attitude toward your spouse could affect child custody. No matter how upset you are with the other parent, it would be a mistake to act rudely to them. Your parental fitness may be evaluated, and the parent who is interested in fostering a good relationship between the child and both parents may be judged to be the better parent.

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