Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

If you have a family member in a nursing home then you want to make sure you watch out for them and verify that they are being properly taken care of. While you would like to assume that the nursing home you have them in is taking proper care of them, you can't always count on this being the case. Since people in nursing homes aren't always able to speak up for themselves, it's important for you to watch for signs of neglect and/or abuse, so you can take proper action if you suspect there is a problem. Here are some of the signs that your loved one may not be receiving the proper care they deserve in their nursing home:

The room always has a bad smell to it – When your loved one is in a nursing home, the room they are in should be cleaned on a regular basis. Not only does this ensure they are in a pleasant atmosphere, but it also cuts down on their chances of getting sick or coming down with infections. When a room always smells bad it can signify that it isn't being cleaned regularly or properly.

Your loved one doesn't look clean – Your loved one should be receiving baths regularly and this includes having their hair washed and their teeth or dentures properly cleaned. If you visit them and notice they have a bad odor to them, their nails are extremely long, their hair is greasy or they have very bad breath, then they may not be receiving the proper hygienic care they need. This can also lead to illnesses, skin infections, bladder infections and other problems.

You notice your loved one has bed sores – If your loved one isn't able to move around for themselves, then the staff caring for them at the nursing home should be making sure they are moved around in the bed a certain number of times a day to take pressure off of certain pressure points, such as their hips, shoulders and buttocks. If you see bedsores then it can be a sign that they aren't being moved enough times during the day. Bed sores can continue to get bigger, become infected and lead to serious health problems.

Your loved one continues to lose weight – If you notice your loved one's weight is continuously dropping and there is no physical reason for it, then they may not be getting enough nutrition. In nursing homes, many of the residents need help eating. If your family member isn't getting the help they need to eat, then they will drop weight which can be dangerous to their health in many ways.

What to do if you suspect neglect – If you have any reason to think that your loved one isn't getting the proper treatment in their nursing home, then you should contact a nursing home negligence attorney.

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