Helping Your College-Aged Teen With A Lawsuit

If your teenager has gone off to college and suffered an injury because of another student or their school, it may be serious enough for legal action. However, because you and your teen may not understand much about these kinds of cases, ensure that you're both taking the advice below:

File a Report with Campus and Local Police

Since the incident took place at their college or university and you were not there, it's vital that your teenager maintains a clear recollection of what's happened. Campus and local police can good partners to go over the incident with, as their questions help your teenager to present a full accounting of the event. Their notes are then compiled into an official report you can bring along to court. A campus police report might be adequate, but ask both campus and local police whether you should be filing a report with each department or not.

See The Doctor

Your teenager may insist that they are doing fine without a doctor, but as their parent do your best to get them seen by a physician, whether at home or near their school. A doctor can diagnose whatever problems present upon examination and provide yet more documentation that can be presented to your family's lawyer--and ultimately, court officials.

A physician visit is also wise because sometimes teenagers are more likely to accept rest advice and treatment rules from doctors, even if they are reluctant to take the same advice from mom and dad. The doctor may be able to convince them to stay off their feet or adhere to other recovery tips they need to heal well.

Beware of Social Media

Like most teenagers, your own child may talk about many aspects of their lives online through various online sites. Both of you must know the school or the other person involved is likely to retain an attorney whose investigators might attempt to mine your teen's comments and photos for useful information. Encourage your teen to "lock down" their profiles, privatizing as much information as possible and only allowing access to a select group of trusted relatives and close friends. In fact, it could be even better if your teenager never mentions the ongoing legal affair on the internet.

Your family's personal injury lawyer will provide details and answer questions about the suit as it continues. In time, your teen's lawsuit may have a positive outcome. Click here to investigate the opportunities that a lawyer can provide you in a personal injury case.