Types Of Fractures That May Attract Maximum Compensation After An Accident

Thousands of people suffer bone fractures in car accidents every year. Some of these are compensated with a few thousand dollars while others manage relatively higher settlements. Here are some of the factors that may see a fracture attract high compensation:

The Treatment Involved Surgery

Bone fractures are treated in different ways depending on other factors such as the overall health of the patient, other drugs the patient may be taking, and the patient's age, among others. Some treatments, such as,  are relatively simple and low cost. Other people require more extensive and expensive treatment, such as surgery. Since an accident victim should be compensated for their medical bills, the kind of treatment will be a factor in the overall compensation.

The Fractured Bone Is Essential To the Victim's Work

The location of the fractured bone also matters, especially due to the influence it might have on the victim's profession or source of earning. After all, loss of wages or future earning is an essential consideration when determining accident compensation. For example, a truck driver who experiences a severely fractured arm may suffer more lost wages than a public speaker who suffers the same injury since the latter needs their arm (in their job) more.

The Fracture Is Taking Long To Heal

The duration of the treatment cannot be ignored since its influences other damages such as the medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Duration of treatment depends on different issues such as age and health of the victim. Some people also just don't heal as fast as their doctors would expect or project. As long as the victim can prove that they have been following their doctor's orders carefully, they should not be victimized if their fractures don't heal fast enough.

The Fracture Is Severe

Bone fractures aren't created equal. There are simple fractures (small cracks on the bone), compound fractures (fractures in multiple places), and comminuted fracture (shattered bone). These fractures differ in their level of pain or even probability of healing; some may even necessitate bone replacement. Therefore, it makes sense that they cannot be compensated equally; the severest ones will attract maximum compensation.

All these mean that you cannot and should never base your fracture claim on the settlement offered to another person (unless your injuries are the same). Therefore, if you suffered a fracture after a car accident, your case needs its own evaluation to determine how much you should claim for your damages.

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