How The Court May Restrict Your Alcohol Use During DUI Probation

Losing a driving under the influence (DUI) case may see you sentenced to DUI probation. DUI probation often comes with a number of restrictions on alcohol use. Here are some of the ways the court may use to enforce the restrictions:

Ordering to a Zero-Tolerance Alcohol Prohibition

Legally, any driver with blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 and above is deemed to be breaking the law. This is the limit at which an adult is deemed to be intoxicated and impaired, meaning they become a danger to themselves and other road users.

If you are on DUI probation, however, you may be barred from driving even with BAC below 0.08. This is known as zero-tolerance laws, meaning you will be deemed to have broken your probation restrictions if you are caught driving even with a low BAC of 0.02.

Wearing a SCRAM Bracelet

A Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet is a device that monitors the level of alcohol in your sweat. The device monitors the alcohol level in your sweat and uploads the information to the authorities or keeps it in a local memory module where it is downloaded periodically.

If you are sent on DUI probation, you may be required to wear the bracelet, usually on an ankle, for the duration of your DUI probation. This is what the judge will order if they require you not to drink any alcohol, even if you aren't driving. It's usually reserved for repeat offenders or those who seem to have a drinking problem.

Installing an Ignition Interlock Device

The third option is to get you to install an ignition interlock device in your car. Once you have fitted the device into your car, you have to blow into it every time you want to start up your car. The ignition interlock device monitors the level of alcohol in your breath, which has to be below a certain level for you to drive. This is possible because the device is connected to your car's ignition, and it locks it (hence the name) if the alcohol level is above a preset level.

As you can see, there are many ways through which the court can monitor your alcohol drinking activities to ensure that you don't drink and drive. Unfortunately, some of these methods can be very restrictive in your life; they will also cost you money (for example you will have to pay for the installation, purchase and maintenance fees for an ignition interlock device). You can escape all these and more if you succeed in getting your DUI case dismissed. Talk to attorney's at firms like Abom & Kutulakis LLP for more info.