Getting A Revocable Living Trust Drafted Up

Facing the fact that you are living with a terminal illness can be hard to cope with. Other than death, different aspects of your life might cross your mind in regards to what will happen to certain things after you are deceased. For instance, you might want certain assets to be inherited by specific people in your life, which can be taken care of with a will. However, you must also think about what might happen if you become incompetent before death actually occurs. Below, you will find out why hiring a lawyer to draft up a revocable living trust is more ideal than a will.

1. A Revocable Living Trust Is Useful Before Death

The best thing about having a revocable living trust in place is that you don't have to wait until death until it becomes handy. The trust will actually be perfect for your situation, as dealing with a terminal illness can lead to numerous problems before death. For example, if you have an illness that might cause you to become incompetent at some point, your trustee can take over the financial decisions in your life. He or she can use money to pay medical bills, as well as any other bills that need to be paid.

2. Don't Worry About Your Trust Becoming a Public Record

One of the common things that take place after the beneficiaries of a will inherit money or an asset is that they are asked for money by people. It is a good idea to keep an inheritance private to avoid getting into such a situation. If you opt for a revocable living trust, you don't have to worry about any of the information becoming a public record. There is no need to go to probate court for the trust to be carried out, as your trustee will handle the entire process. Court will only be necessary if someone contests the trust.

3. You Will Feel Secure About Your Health Until Death Occurs

You will benefit from a revocable living trust because it will give you the security that your health needs will be well taken care of. You can assign a trustee over your medical care, such as to make decisions in regards to your treatment if you are unable to decide on your own. The trustee can determine if a nursing home is ideal for your condition, or they can carry out your wishes to stay out of a nursing home. Speak to a revocable living trust lawyer at a lawfirm like Wright Law Offices, PLLC when you are ready for the documents to be drafted up