Why Should I Settle My Case?

Whether or not you opt to retain one of the personal injury attorneys in Seattle can have an impact on how quickly your case is settled. Attorneys are aware of the different tactics that insurance companies sometimes use to get a lower settlement. One of those is rushing a settlement. If you are choosing to settle, it is a good idea to discuss your case thoroughly with an attorney. He can help you determine the value of your claim and decide if you are being given a fair offer. There are many factors that can lead to the desire to settle for both sides. If you choose to settle your case instead of going to court, you can possibly keep your legal costs within reason. If you go to trial with your case, you not only have to worry about court costs, but also your attorney's fees. In addition to those fees, there is a possibility that fees for experts will be factored into the equation if their services are used. By the time you have finished adding up the fees, it could take a big chunk out of what you receive in your settlement. Besides the potential high cost of legal fees, there is also the chance that you could lose your case. This is a high risk for both the defendant and plaintiff. A jury may not agree that you are the victim and buy the defense that is put forth by the insurance company. If this happens, you will be left with paying legal costs and other fees. On the other hand, there is also the chance that the jury may rule in your favor which could prove a nightmare for the insurance company. An extremely sympathetic jury could award you a large amount of money for pain and suffering. There is also the increased possibility of receiving punitive damages. If you are the defendant in the case, settling out of court can be beneficial if you are interested in keeping it out of the news. High profile cases or those that result in large settlements often make the news. When this occurs, your reputation could be damaged and open you to other lawsuits. As the defendant, a quiet settlement may prevent a tide of lawsuits if there are more than a handful of potential plaintiffs out there. Your attorney can include a confidentiality clause in the final settlement agreement that would prevent the plaintiff from discussing your case with anyone. Depending on the facts of your case, a trial could drag on for months. In some rare cases, the trial can even last more than a year. If you have medical expenses and other living expenses, dragging on the trial can financially hurt you and your family. Your attorney may advise you to take a settlement offer to avoid a lengthy court trial. When you settle your case with the insurance company, you are guaranteed to get something. Even if the settlement amount that you receive is less than you desired, it beats getting nothing if you take your case to trial and lose. Your attorney will do his best to help you get the best settlement possible. It is important to note that you always have the option of going to trial regardless of how the settlement talks are going. Some plaintiffs choose to go to court anyway because they want the chance to tell their story. Others may choose to skip the remaining settlement talks if the insurance company seems as if it is unwilling to budge at all. The prospect of getting punitive damages is also a reason that many choose to go to court instead of settle. Hop over to this website. Share